Advantages of Using a Microwave Oven

Advantages of Using a Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens are becoming common place in Indian kitchen. More and more women prefer microwave cooking to normal stove top cooking because of many advantages of microwave cooking. If you want to compare the features of microwave ovens in a detailed manner, please do go through our buying guide on the best microwave ovens in India.

A microwave cooks food by passing radiation through the food and raising the temperature of water present in the food. The turntable turns the dish so that the cooking is evenly done. Most people are aware of regular benefits of a microwave however let us look at the advantages of microwave in this article:

1. Speed in cooking

Any food when cooked on a stove top takes longer time in cooking than in a microwave oven. For example, when you want to make popular Indian breakfast idlis on a stove top it takes almost 20 minutes while making idlis in a microwave oven takes just 5 minutes. It becomes easier and faster to cook breakfast in the morning. You can also steam fish much faster in a microwave than on a stove top.

We generally store butter in refrigerator. When we want to apply it on bread it is hard as a rock. One can soften butter using a microwave. It just takes 15 seconds to do that. Melting chocolate block to make chocolates or other deserts takes minutes. Also, it cooks grains like rice and quinoa much faster than on a stove top.

2. More nutritious

According to the Harvard Health Publishing, when the food is cooked using less amount of time and less liquid, it has more chances of retaining the nutrients in the food. When microwave is used to cook food using little amount of water, the food gets cooked inside out by steaming the water which is inside the food. The vitamins and minerals are retained in the food when it is cooked in the microwave oven. This makes the food healthy.

This proves that the microwave oven is a machine which is marvelous. It not only cooks quickly but also in a healthier way than most conventional methods of cooking. That is the reason it is gaining ground in the market.

3. Heat does not spread in the kitchen

The stove top is open in the kitchen and spreads a lot of heat in the surroundings. Especially while cooking on the stovetop, you have to switch off the fan to maintain the temperature. While using a microwave, you need not switch off the fan so the temperature of room does not rise. Secondly, it does not give off much heat in the air so it is relatively easier to cook in a microwave.

4. Safe cooking

When you cook on a stove top, the flame is open and is always a risk that you might get yourself burned. Also, if you have children, they might get hurt. Hence, you always have to be in attendance. On the other hand, while cooking in a microwave, there is no flame, hence there is no danger of burning. Plus, most microwaves come with child lock facility. This feature helps in locking the microwave from the children. Only when you open the child lock, you can open the door of the oven. It is a very safe option to cook.

5. Cleaner cooking

While cooking using conventional methods, like stove top, you make a lot of mess. The food makes splashes and sometimes overflows while cooking. This becomes a mess to clean. Additionally, when you cook on stovetop you cannot serve in the same utensils. However, when you cook in a microwave you can also serve in the same utensils. The temperature and time are pre-determined so the food never overflows or splashes. You just have to keep in mind the right method to cook in that oven. After cooking, you just have to clean the oven itself. On the other hand, while cooking on a stove top, you have to clean the burners, platform, and the tiles on the kitchen wall.

6. Conserves energy

A microwave oven consumes a lot less energy than the cook stove. While cooking on a stove, the flame of the gas gets outside the utensils and is wasted. The energy is lost in this way. Plus, the time taken to cook on the flame is much more than cooking in the microwave. Hence, the energy is conserved in this way also. Hence, cooking in microwave is ecofriendly.

7. Auto power off

The worst problem of cooking on a gas stove is you have to be present all the time while cooking. You cannot do any other work while cooking for the fear of over-cooking the food. In a microwave, you can set the time and can do other work while the food is cooking. You can preset the time. As the time is over, the microwave oven will switch off on its own. An alarm will also alert you that the cooking is done.

8. Controlled temperature

When you cook in a microwave, you can set the temperature at your required degree while in stove top you cannot maintain the exact degree to cook. When food is cooked at perfect temperature, it gets cooked evenly. Also, in a microwave, the turntable ensures you that the food rotates and the heat is spread everywhere. On the other hand, you have to physically keep stirring the food while cooking on a burner.  

9. No pre-heating required

Unlike other convectional ovens, a microwave starts heating as soon as you switch it on. You do not have to pre heat a microwave to cook food. This saves a lot of time and energy.

10. Long life

A microwave oven can work for 10 years if you take good care of it. It is a long term investment. Even if you use it roughly, it generally works for 5 or more years. This gives you a long time to replace your microwave oven. Most of the times, with good care, it lasts for more than 10 years. The maintenance cost of microwave oven is also very less.

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