Benefits of using a Kitchen Chimney

In a modern kitchen, the appliances which are installed are also modern and fancy. These appliances are designed keeping in mind the requirements of the new world, the new ways of cooking and the new types of cooking methods. With the homes being compact, the kitchens need stronger equipment than a simple exhaust fan to remove the smoke and smell. Hence, kitchen chimneys are gaining popularity. For a detailed analysis of kitchen chimneys, do checkout our buying guide on the best kitchen chimneys in India.

Kitchen chimneys have taken the place of exhaust fans in most Indian kitchens. In modular kitchens, the décor is imperative. If exhaust fans are installed, it will throw the whole look of the kitchen down the drain. It will stand out as a sore thumb. Additionally, there are many other benefits of using a kitchen chimney at home.

1. Keeping the kitchen tiles clean

The Indian cooking is one of the most unique ways of cooking in the world. We use more spices, herbs, oil and ghee while cooking. This produces more smoke and aroma during cooking. The tiles of the kitchen are most affected while doing the cooking. The tiles in the kitchen get splashed with this food stuff and get discolored and oily. When you clean these tiles again and again they lose their shine and you will see scratches in the long run.

If you use a kitchen chimney, the smoke and grime will be sucked directly into the chimney. The tiles of the kitchen will remain unscathed. Your interior décor will remain intact. Additionally, you will also get relief from cleaning the tiles frequently. It will reduce your work in the kitchen. The kitchen chimney need not be cleaned so frequently.

2. Keeping the kitchen furniture spotless

Today’s kitchen is very compact and closed than what it used to be in the past. The airy kitchens are a thing of the past. Hence, while cooking, not only the tiles but also the kitchen furniture gets harmed. Due to extra heat, the laminates of the furniture will get off easily with the passage of time. It is necessary to remove this heat from the kitchen while cooking. Otherwise, you will see that your precious décor will lose its durability. When you use a kitchen chimney, the heat is sucked and released outside instantly. Hence, the heat will not have time to affect the kitchen furniture.

Also, the soot, smoke, grime, etc. will not be deposited on the kitchen furniture. You will be relieved from the duty of scrubbing the furniture from time to time. The kitchen chimney will absorb all the grime and oil giving you freedom from the ever present scrubber in your hands.

3. Keeping you healthy

Many of us suffer from various allergies in this polluted atmosphere. Some suffer from the allergy of smells while some from the allergy of smoke. Kitchen chimney helps you to get rid of both these elements while cooking. We tend to use a lot of spices in our food. While it gives a delicious taste to the food, it also affects the atmosphere of the home. Kitchen chimney absorbs all the smell and smoke while cooking which makes your home healthy and clean.

4. Keeping the home smell-free

It is said that food is first tasted with eyes, then with nose and then with the tongue. If the food does not look good, you will not feel like tasting it. However, if the food does not smell good you will not be able to eat it even if you tried to do so. Our ancestors knew this concept very well. Hence, Indian food smells like heaven on a plate.

Imagine the smell of creamy paneer masala cooking, or imagine the aroma of cardamom and saffron in your kheer. All these smells take you to a wonderland of food. However, if the smells remain in the house an hour after eating you will be suffocated with the same smells. You will not want your home smelling like a fish you had cooked in the afternoon. A kitchen chimney helps you get rid of all the smells from the kitchen during cooking itself. Even if you have burnt something while cooking, the chimney will absorb the smell and the smoke in minutes. It will make your home fresh and smell-free.

5. Gives you more space for storage

As we have already discussed, homes are getting smaller and the kitchens are also getting smaller. Sometimes the store rooms are non-existent. You will need as much storage in your kitchen as possible when you are doing your interior.

If you do not install a kitchen chimney you would not be able to use the space above and around the kitchen stove because the cabinets installed in this space will be damaged by the processes of cooking. However, if you install a kitchen chimney you will be able to use this space because the chimney will absorb all the smoke and oil during the cooking. Your furniture will not be dirty.

6. Gives an aesthetic appeal

Everyone wants their home to look like the ones on a cover of a magazine. A kitchen should look spotless and welcoming. However, when you do not use a chimney, the soot and the grime affects your furniture. You have to scrub everything daily to make it look perfect. Realistically, it is not always possible to spend so much time for cleaning. We have a thousand different tasks on hand.

You can use an exhaust fan which is effective but it is not as effective as a kitchen chimney. An exhaust fan just sucks out the air released from the cooking while a chimney will absorb the oil and grime released during cooking. It also looks much better than an exhaust fan. Also, in the long run it gives you a much better result than using an exhaust fan.

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