Top 10 Best Sewing Machines in India for 2020 : Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Top 10 Best Sewing Machines in India for 2020 : Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you thinking of buying a sewing machine? Are you confused about which one to buy? Or are you not sure which features you need? In short, are you in search of the best sewing machine in India? Is the artistic, innovative you curious about the choices available? Then we have the perfect answer for you. With a boom in the handicrafts and clothing industry, the choices available for sewing machines are endless.

In this article, we will try to throw some light on the ten best sewing machines in India. We will also let you know the features, pros and cons of each one of them and how they are used. So tighten your seat belts while we take you on a journey to the world of sewing machines.

Types of Sewing Machines

Sewing machines are generally used for sewing, stitching, quilting, embroidery, etc. Depending on the uses, functions and features, sewing machines can be categorised into five main types:

1. Mechanical Sewing Machine

A mechanical sewing machine is the most basic type of sewing machine available. It is mechanically operated and its settings are to be done manually by the user. These kind of sewing machines are also known as the “best silai machines”. The mechanical sewing machines are cheaper and more suitable for people who do not want to invest much in the sewing machine. Though the mechanical sewing machines are pretty straight forward to operate, threading the needle again and again might become an irritation for some users. The treadle and hand operated sewing machines have the feature of just one straight and forward stitch. However, the newer machines have more than one inbuilt stitch pattern. Moreover, mechanical sewing machines do not work with fabrics like denim and leather.

Mechanical sewing machines are not very fancy looking. Depending on the model, they are either table based or stand based. They are generally black in colour and made of aluminium. The treadle based models are heavier in weight and cannot be moved easily. A treadle is a machine which works with foot. The other type of machine is handle based, which can be operated with hand. Both these types of machine used human efforts but nowadays a motor is used to replace human efforts. Some mechanical sewing machines have newly added LED screen to select stitch pattern.

Built-in presser feet
Adjustable stitch length
Bottom loading bobbin
Adjustable tension
Single straight and forward stitch

2. Electronic Sewing Machine

Electronic sewing machines are sewing machines that are better than mechanical sewing machines in many ways. First of all, as the name suggests, electronic sewing machines work electronically, that is either on battery or on electricity. Battery operated electronic machines are easy to handle and carry, while electricity operated machines are a bit heavier but have more features.

Electronic sewing machines are more expensive than mechanical sewing machines but they have more facilities. Electronic machines are suitable for small scale designers and people who are interested in Do It Yourself (DIY) projects.

If you are innovative and creative with an artistic bone in you, you would love this kind of machine. They are light weight, compact in size and can be easily moved from one place to other. Some of the electronic machines also have LCD displays to select the stitches to be done. The maintenance costs of these machines are corroborative of its features. If you are a regular user who is interested in embroidery and different stitches then you should certainly buy an electronic sewing machine.

Quality of stitching is better than mechanical machines
Minimum of 7 in-built stitching types
Facility of embroidery
Hemming, Buttonhole stitch, Blind stitch
Zip fixing
Reverse stitch lever
Stretch stitching
Built-in needle threader and thread cutter
Top loading drop in bobbin and Auto tripping bobbin
Twin needle compatibility
Adjustable stitch length and width
Adjustable presser foot
Adjustable needle positioning
Attachment options for other features

3. Computerised or Automated Sewing Machines

Computerised or automated sewing machines are the sewing machines which are capable of being connected to the internet, computer and cards loaded with designs. These types of machines are best suited for large scale designers or medium sized industries. They have multiple needles and multiple spools for different colour threads. Multiple needles can be operated at the same time. With a stitching capacity of 50 to a maximum of 200 stitches, these machines are faster and more efficient. Also, any type of fabric can be used on these machines.

Computerised machines use higher level of technology and are heavy duty. They cannot be moved easily and are appropriate for industrial work. They have auto pilot mode where the machine decides the speed (number of stitches per minute), thread tension and the strength of the stitch. While these things can be customised, computerised machines are not very easy to use. You need specialised knowledge to use them. Most machines come with a DVD or a tutorial about how you can use them.

More than one needle can be attached
More than one spool of thread can be used for different colours in design
Takes the design directly from the source and works automatically
Features and price vary with the type of computerised machine you buy
You should be technically sound to use this machine to its full capacity
All types of stitching can be done
Quilting, smocking, embroidery can be done

For a detailed comparison, please refer to computerised vs mechanical sewing machines.

4. Embroidery Machine

Embroidery sewing machines are basically for the people who like to do embroidery on any fabric. These machines are designed especially for embroidery. These types of machines can be connected to the computer and the designs can be transferred on the fabric. Featuring different types of stitches and different spools for coloured threads, these machines are expensive. However, designers or industries who make clothes can invest in these types of machines for business purposes. You can buy this machine if you are very much inclined towards the art of making clothes.

Different types of embroidery machines that are available are: free-motion embroidery machine and computerised embroidery machine. The first one is the machine which gives you a free hand on how you embroider. You get to control the direction, needle size and the stitching of the embroidery. In the computerised embroidery machine, the computer program decides all the factors. You just have to select the designs. If you are a pro in doing embroidery then you will enjoy the free motion embroidery machine but if not then a computerised machine will better suit your needs. It will save you both time and effort in doing embroidery.

Sewing is an integral part in embroidery machine
Quilting can also be done
Embroidery by the use of different types of stitches
The length and width of the stitches can be customised
Fonts can be done on embroidery machine
Most embroidery machines have LCD display

5. Overlock Sewing Machine or Serger

Overlocking is the stitch that makes a loop by joining the two fabrics together. It is used to give the finishing touch to the garment after they are sown. Also, fabrics like towels, napkins, lingerie need overlocking at the edges so that the threads remain intact and the life of the cloth increases. The seams of the garments are sewn together to overlock them. The machine designed to specialise in overlocking are called overlocking machine or sergers. In India, we normally call them overlocking machines.

Overlocking machine has an in-built cutter to cut the fabric which does not have even edges. Overlocking machines’ patterns depend on the number of the threads used by the machine like 2 threads, 3 threads, 4 threads or 5 threads. Single thread loop is very weak and so it is hardly used. The loop becomes stronger as you use more threads in the loop. The overlocking machine gives you freedom to choose the width and the length of the stitch in accordance with your needs.

From single thread to 5 threads strength
User can select width and length of the stitch
Overlocking any type of fabric
Hemming any fabric
Flat locking

Features to look out for the best sewing machine for home use

1. Weight

Some sewing machines weigh more while some are very light weight. If you have allocated a specific space for your machine and you are not going to move it around you can go for heavier machines. Most sewing machines with heavy weight come with additional features. On the other hand, if you do not have such allocated space and you want to keep your sewing machine away while not working on it, you may select a light weight machine.

2. Needle threader

Some machines come with automatic needle threader which gives you freedom from threading your needle again and again. These machines might cost a bit extra but investing will be worth your efforts as you will not have to thread your needle time and again. Some machines also come with thread cutter as an extra feature.

3. Presser feet

A presser foot is required to do different types of sewing on different types of fabrics. You must know how the presser foot of your machine is adjusted and how much you can adjust it. The best sewing machines in India offer you adjustable presser feet which will help you to hold the fabric while you sew.

4. Speed

Different machines have different speeds. The speed of stitch per minute determines how much work you can do in a specified time. If you are a professional then you might want to buy a sewing machine with higher speed to finish your work faster and easier.

5. Tension

You can adjust the tension on the thread in accordance with you requirements. You should check the thread tension by checking the maximum length and width of the stitch a machine is capable of.

6. Needle Positions

A good sewing machine is the one which lets you to move the needle around for a better control. It will facilitate you to do embroidery and stitching easily without having to remove your cloth frequently.

Top Ten Best Sewing Machines in India 2020

1. Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

If you are just starting your art and craft journey then you will love this sewing machine. Made by the leading company Usha, this machine is not only sleek but also stylish. The budget you require for this sewing machine is not very high. Also, it occupies less space. This machine comes with a handle to make it portable. It can be used for lace fixing, quilting, smocking and rolled hemming. It comes with a seven built in stitches including built-in buttonhole stitch. You can select the patterns with a dial on the machine. The pressure foot can be lifted to assist you in quilting. It is a free arm zig-zag machine.

  • Good for beginners
  • Seven built-in stitches
  • Free arm machine
  • Occupies less space
  • Does not do embroidery
  • Not good for professionals
  • Cannot be programmed
  • Occupies less space

2. Singer Promise 1408 Auto Zig Zag Sewing Machine

Singer Promise 1408 Auto Zig Zag Sewing Machine

The second on our list of best sewing machines is Singer Promise 1408 Auto Zig Zag Sewing Machine. The manufacturer is Singer which is also one of the prominent companies in the manufacturing of sewing machines. This machine is also suitable for beginners who want to do stitching at home for some DIY fun. Singer Promise 1408 comes with the feature of 8 in-built stitches which includes 6 basic, 1 decorative and 1 automatic 4 step buttonhole stitches. The design of the machine is attractive and decent.

It facilitates easy threading of needle. There is an automatic bobbin winder to ease your set up. It includes 4 presser feet for buttonhole, button sewing, zipper and all-purpose feet in accessory storage drawer. Accessory storage drawer can be removed to create a free arm for stitching in difficult places of the fabric. It comes with extra high presser foot to facilitate you in stitching multiple fabrics together or if your fabric is too thick. The free arm of the machine helps you to ease stitching. The accessory storage area is a built-in part of the machine which can also be removed.

You can thread the needles very easily in the straight forward part which saves you a lot of time. This machine comes with easy to use stitch selection dial. Made with a metal frame for extra strength, this machine remains still while in use for a skip-free stitching. Let us look at the pros and cons of this sewing machine to give you a better insight.

  • Easy to use for beginners
  • 8 built-in stitches
  • Free arm for the ease of stitching
  • Can be used for buttonhole stitch
  • Not good for professionals
  • Not good for different embroidery patterns
  • No automatic threading of needle

3. Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

This machine has made it to our list of top ten of best sewing machines mainly due to its value for money feature. Manufactured by Usha, this is a beautiful machine with 9 applications and 14 built-in stitches. The applications include stretch stitching, button fixing, blind stitch hemming, rolled hemming, smocking and zip fixing. It also features automatic needle threading. It also has triple strength stitching for that extra strength.

It has an in-built motor so you do not have to operate it manually. It also has auto tripping bobbin system. It has a dial to select between the stitches and applications. With a speed of 860/SPM it is a very good machine not only for beginners but also for budding professionals.

  • Automatic threading needle
  • Easy to use
  • 9 applications and 13 built-in stitches
  • Does not come with instruction DVD
  • Thread control system is manual
  • Not appropriate for professionals/industry

4. Singer Start 1306 Sewing Machine

Singer Start 1306 Sewing Machine

This mechanical sewing machine is a machine by Singer for beginners. It has a heavy duty metal frame to assure the strength. Built including 6 built-in stitches including 4 basic, 1 decorative and 1 buttonhole stitch, this machine is a boon for beginners. It is loaded with 12 stitch functions. It helps in threading very easily. It has a built-in thread cutter and a front loading bobbin.

It has an extra high foot lifter to help you stitch multiple fabrics at a time. The machine maintains auto tension. This sewing machine has a built-in storage for accessories and a free arm. The LED light assists you in threading the needle easily.

  • Extra high foot lifter
  • 12 stitch functions and 6 stitches
  • In-built thread cutter
  • Cannot be programmed
  • Not good for embroidery
  • Not an automatic machine

5. Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

This sewing machine by Usha is a budget friendly, automatic sewing machine. It has made it on our list of top 10 silai machines in India because of its features and low price. It has a single dial for pattern selection which is very easy to operate. It has seven built-in stitches inclusive of a buttonhole stitch. It also features 14 applications including lace fixing, quilting, smocking and rolled hemming.

This sewing machine has auto tripping bobbin system as well as drop feed for embroidery. Although it has a manual threading of needle, it has a stitching light to facilitate it. With a sewing speed of 550/SPM, this sewing machine is also good for beginners. It has a manual thread tension control system. You can select the stitch length and stitch strength. The pros and cons of this machine are as follows:

  • Budget friendly
  • Automatic
  • 7 inbuilt stitches and 14 applications
  • Slow speed
  • Not meant for professionals
  • Not computerised

6. Usha Bandhan Straight Stitch Composite Sewing Machine

Usha Bandhan Straight Stitch Composite Sewing Machine

This is perhaps the most basic manual sewing machine which has made it to top 10 sewing machines in India. It has a lever type stitch regulator and an auto tripping bobbin winder. It is a completely hand operated machine. As it uses less technology, it requires very low maintenance. It has a traditional screw based presser foot. You can adjust the presser foot as per your requirement. When you are just beginning and do not want to spend much, this machine will be perfect for you.

The lever will help you to stitch forward as well as reverse. The machine has a slide plate for easy insertion of the bobbin. Featuring auto tripping and spring loaded bobbin winder for uniform winding, this machine helps you to give perfectly formed stitches.

  • Covers basic functions
  • Very affordable
  • Manual is good for beginners
  • No embroidery function
  • No hemming or other functions
  • No pre-programmed functions

7. Singer 8280 Sewing Machine

Singer 8280 Sewing Machine

The Singer 8280 sewing machine is an entry level sewing machine for beginners who want to use the sewing machine only occasionally. The low price can be considered a big plus point of this machine. It has a dial to change the 7 stitches options and 4 step button-holes. It also features a front loading bobbin. It is an automatic machine with the speed of 800/SPM. You can also control the thread tension. The built-in thread cutter in the presser lets you use the machine in an efficient manner.

Basically a lightweight and compact machine, Singer 8280 is not a very durable machine. If you are looking for a machine which will assist you in doing little stitching and craft then you should opt for this machine.

  • Light weight
  • Automatic
  • Good speed
  • Very affordable
  • Not durable
  • Not many stitch options
  • Not for professionals

8. Singer Tradition 2250 Electronic Sewing Machine

Singer Tradition 2250 Electronic Sewing Machine

Singer Tradition 2250 electronic sewing machine is for beginners. It is electronic so that you do not have to manually run the machine. It comes with 10 basic stitches. The buttonhole stitch comes with 4 steps which gives amazing results. The machine has free arm to reach difficult areas. You can customise the stitch length for better results. It also has automatic bobbin winding. This machine is light weight and portable. It is perfect for the people who would like to do DIY projects at home. The pros and cons of this machine are listed below:

  • Light weight and portable
  • 10 stitches
  • Affordable
  • Not for professionals
  • Not for embroidery

9. Brother GS 3700 Sewing Machine

Brother GS 3700 Sewing Machine

This sewing machine is made by Brother Company. It has loads of features like 71 stitch functions and 37 stitches. It has just one step buttonhole facility and Picot foot. It features automatic threading of the needle. The machine includes Picot foot, foot controller, buttonhole and stitch foot, zigzag foot, blind stitch foot, twin needle, etc. It also contains a DVD of instructions to help you operate the machine.

While using this machine, you can control the length and the width of the stitch to suit your requirements. It also has an LED light to help you if the light is not enough in the room. It has a speed of 1100/SPM and an electric thread tension control. The pros and cons of the machine are:

  • 71 stitch functions and 37 stitches
  • High speed
  • Contains DVD of instructions
  • Needles breakdown frequently
  • Complaints of bobbin jamming

10. Brother GS-1700 Electric Sewing Machine

Brother Gs-1700 Electric Sewing Machine

This sewing machine called Gs-1700 is from Brother Company. It has 17 stitching modes built in the machine itself. It features LED lights that facilitates you to stitch properly. It has top loaded bobbin for easy installation. The threading is done automatically. It also has a 4 step buttonhole.

The other pros cons of the sewing machine are as follows:

  • LED lights
  • Automatic threading
  • 4 step buttonhole stitch
  • Less number of inbuilt mode

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should the machine be cleaned or serviced?

If the machine is not used frequently then it is not required to service it often. However, if the machine is not used at all for a long period of time, you should first service it as some of the lubricants might have dried out.

2. Why does my sewing machine skip stitches?

There can be 2 reasons: your needle might be bent or blunt or the pressure on the foot might not be sufficient. To get the best out of your sewing machine, visit Usha Sewing Lessons

3. Why do my threads break?

Upper thread breaks because the needle is not inserted properly or the upper thread tension is too high. The lower thread breaks because the bobbin has wound unevenly or the thread tension is too high.

4. Which way should I turn the hand wheel?

The hand wheel must always be turned towards the user in a clockwise movement.

5. What are sewing machine lubricants?

Sewing machine lubricants/oils are oils to reduce the friction among the parts of the sewing machine. When you service the machine, you should lubricate the parts.

6. Why does my sewing machine run heavily?

The machine is not oiled properly, or there is a lint build-up in the shuttle. Check both these problems to make your machine run smoothly.

7. Why does my fabric pucker?

If either the upper needle or the bobbin needle is tight then the fabric might pucker. If the fabric is too sheer or too soft then also the fabric might pucker.

8. Why does my machine make loose stitches or loops?

If the tension of the needle is not properly adjusted then the machine makes loose stitches. Apart from this, please do check our in depth explanation on how to use a sewing machine.

Best Sewing Machine Brands

1. Usha

Usha International is the leading brand in the manufacturing of home appliances in India. Home appliances like fans, cooktops, room coolers, water coolers are manufactured by the company along with its most famous appliance: sewing machine. The head office of Usha International is in Gurgaon, Haryana. You can find the stores all around the country for the brand. The quality of the products by Usha is very high. The customer service is also outstanding.

2. Singer Corporation

Singer Corporation is an American company mainly manufacturing sewing machines. They manufacture different types of sewing machines in a wide range. You can find a Singer dealer anywhere near you. Moreover, you can also buy a Singer machine online. With a brand name of internationally acclaimed sewing machines, Singer machines are some of the best sewing machines you can buy. The customer support system is also very strong.

3. Brother Industries Ltd.

Brother Industries Limited is a Japanese multinational electronics company with its headquarters in Nagoya, Japan. The Brother sewing machines have many types of stitching options and are more technology friendly. Brother Industries Ltd sewing machines have a few complaints regarding the needle breakage and the bobbins. Frequent complaints have been registered because of this.

New Technologies

The new technology in sewing machine has given its users freedom from using the legs. The machine can be operated with hands only by a motor. This also allows a user to sew at a constant speed. Additionally it is helpful to the disabled people who cannot use their feet.

  • Changing settings using phones

Mobile phones and tablets have taken over the world by storm. All the functions of a person can be done using a mobile phone from switching on the lights in your house to transferring money to a bank located miles away. How can sewing be of any less importance? Android users can now use their mobile phones to operate high end sewing machines from remote locations. When sewing machines are connected to the WiFi, they can either be operated through mobile, USB port or through voice guidance. You can perform functions like embroidery, stitching, hemming, etc remotely with the use of new technology.

A voice guided machine will inform its user about the malfuntion faced by the machine whether it is an oil leakage or a break down.

  • Use of USB Port

The copy of designs or settings can be copied and transferred to other machine by the use of USB port.

  • Real time monitoring

You can monitor all the sewing machines by linking them to a server. You can watch them 24*7 from anywhere in the world in real time. Additionally, you can also know of any malfunctions occurrence.

This is one of the newest technologies in the best sewing machines available. The cloth with the embroidery or print can be put on the sewing machine and its picture can be clicked. The machine can analyse the item, the stitch pattern, the design and can transfer it on the other fabric. This technology does not require any skill from the operator.

  • Modular machines

Sewing technology is getting better every day. The best sewing machine will give you space or modules to insert the new developments through modules in your machine. They will be flexible and adjusting.

Pro Tip

  • With the introduction of new technologies, you should bear into mind that your machine is flexible to changes.
  • You should always consider the future while buying a sewing machine. Today you might just like sewing, tomorrow you might want to do embroidery too. So keep this in mind while buying.
  • Always consider how much space you have for the sewing machine to fit in. Only after that you should buy the best sewing machine that fits in the area.
  • You should not only consider the price of the machine but also its maintenance. High maintenance machines might be a liability in future.


In a nutshell, we can say that the search for your best sewing machine will end with buying a perfect machine made just for you. You can select from the bank of features and facilities depending upon exactly what you need. The sewing machine you buy should be in accordance with the features, facilities and the level of stitching you need. Let us know how this article was useful to you. Also comment about your experience on buying a sewing machine. So go on to buy that dream of yours! Happy Shopping!! 🙂

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