What all can you do with a Microwave Oven?

What you can do with a microwave oven

Have you just bought a microwave oven? Or are you thinking of buying one? Either ways: congratulations to you! You will observe that your life will change drastically once you have started using the microwave oven. After a while you will surely think to yourself how did you survive without a microwave oven for so long? If you are on the lookout for the perfect microwave oven, please do checkout our in depth reviews of the best microwave ovens in India.

Even if it is not your first microwave oven, the things you can do with modern microwaves are far more than what the older versions of microwave ovens were capable of. The microwaves of today are loaded with features you cannot even imagine. Let us look at how you can use these new (and old) features of the microwave oven to make your life smoother:

1. Reheating food

The most traditional use of microwave oven is for reheating food. In today’s modern world, most of us cannot cook fresh food all the time. It makes sense that we cook it when we can and then reheat the food as and when needed. Even if you are not at home, your children or elders can reheat the food in your microwave oven. Hence, the new microwave ovens are still useful in its old use. The food reheated in microwave oven is neither soggy nor loses its taste.

2. Defrosting

Frozen cooked foods, vegetables, meats and other items have a permanent place in our freezers now. When in hurry or when we do not have any energy left to cook, these frozen food items are a boon. However, in pre-microwave period, it took ages to thaw the food. Nowadays, we can defrost the food in minutes. Microwaves can defrost food by just entering the weight of the food. It will decide the temperature and the time to defrost the particular item of food.

You can also cook the with the thawed food item in the microwave. For example, you can cook with the thawed meat in the microwave after you have defrosted the meat in the microwave. It becomes easier and faster.

3. Baking

Microwaves have taken over the task of baking. The convection microwaves have become the appliance of choice. You can bake cakes, cookies, biscuits, casseroles, etc. in your microwave oven. You can cook at as high as 200 degree Celsius.

Baking is a hobby which is trending nowadays with more and more people wanting to learn the art. Most microwave ovens with convection facility come with a cookbook which you can use to develop your skill of baking. Additionally, there are numerous pre-programmed settings in microwave oven to cook your favorite dishes. You can use these to bake fail proof dishes.

4. Grilling

With most of the population living in apartment buildings, open air barbeques are almost impossible. Microwave ovens with a grilling option provide you the chance to grill your favorite dish in your closed home. You can get the same or similar taste as open barbeque with the microwave oven as they are loaded with 360 degree rotation facility.

Additionally, it is also easier to clean when the grilling is done in a microwave. The kebabs, paneer, vegetables, meatballs, etc. will get an extra zing when grilled.

5. Roasting

Roasting is the cooking process done without any water. Roasted nuts, meats, etc. in the microwave give you the perfectly aromatic food. In a microwave, the hot air required for roasting will cook your food evenly. You will not have to stir continuously as you have to in your cook top. The high temperature required in roasting to make the outer layer of your food crusty and crunchy can be obtained in roasting. The main advantage of roasting is the aroma of the food is released while being roasted. It makes you drool for the food.

6. Steaming

Oh yes, you can also steam your food in your microwave oven. Special types of pots and bowls are available in the market in order to steam in your microwave oven. You can make the traditional idlis or you can steam vegetables in minutes. You can make your favorite momos in your microwave steamer. If you use wisely, you can do almost anything in your microwave.

7. Blanching

Blanching vegetables takes minutes in microwave ovens. Tomatoes for your gravy, okra for your dish, etc. can be blanched in minutes. While it takes a lot longer to blanch the same on stove tops. Plus it is easier to do it in microwave oven.

8. Disinfect things

Did you know you can use your microwave oven for many things except cooking? Let us enlighten you about how to use a microwave in tasks apart from cooking. You can disinfect your kitchen items such as chopping boards, sponges, utensils, bottles, etc. Just mix lemon with water and soak the things you want to disinfect in it. Then place it in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes to disinfect.

You can also use microwave for beauty product heating. Apart from this, you can heat your massage oil or hair oil for a few seconds for a better massage. It can also be used if your coconut oil has solidified in winter.

9. Other uses

There are a number of out of the box ideas to use a microwave. You can peel your garlic or onion easily if you place them in microwave for a few seconds. Moreover, you can soften your butter before use. One can use microwave in place of a double boiler to melt chocolates. Apart from this, you can use a microwave if your honey has crystalized. You can make fresh popcorn at home and that too in your favorite flavor. That is not all; you can steam your corn cob in minutes in a microwave oven.

Microwave meals are becoming trendy nowadays. Ready meals which are just to be heated in microwave are available in the market in various varieties. These are tasty and simple to make. Also, you can make meals for one in a mug using microwave ovens. Pizzas, cakes, breakfast, etc. can also be made in a mug using microwave ovens.

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